Friday, October 4, 2013

Review: TonyMoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner #1 Black

I had seen this liner being used on a model on Jung Saemmool's YouTube and knew I had to grab it to see if it was just that creamy and smooth as it was applied, or if it's just her team's magical hands. Of course, anything that her team uses I usually get instantly addicted to...

Product Info:
Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner
#1 Black

Where to get it:
TonyMoly: ₩8,000 (7.46 USD)
KoreaDepart: 7.96
W2Beauty: 10.85 (Currently on sale until end of October)
YesStyle: 15.00

Eyeliner that draw your eyes naturally and beautifully

-Natural Makeup
-Easy Application

Couldn't find a list anywhere :/

I do have some eyeliners (Maybelline and Makeup Forever) that have a plastic scent to them, this one does not, although I don't see most people sniffing their eyeliners to make sure it does good. No scent whatsoever.

I'm a total sucker for TM packaging, and they made it incredibly easy with this gel liner. It's filled with 4 grams worth of product, which is actually a bit bigger than my Maybelline and definitely bigger than my Smashbox gel liner. The gel liner itself is tucked inside a hard plastic case with a twist off top that the brush sticks into. Now, I know Sephora started doing the same kind of eyeliner a few months ago, but trust me. TonyMoly did it first! The brush that comes with this liner isn't that bad actually. It's pretty thick and always draws the most crisp and clean lines for me. Unlike my Maybelline brushes that are starting to fray and separate, this brush is still going on strong!

This gel liner is so intensely black, glides on super easily, and stays on until I take it off with makeup remover. When removed with an oil cleanser or a foaming cleanser, this eyeliner does come off fairly easily. Water however, no matter how much used, does not take it off.
Now, I swatched it against Urban Decay's Perversion (Blackest of blacks!), Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes 0L, Maybelline Gel Liner in Blackest Black, and Smashbox's Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner to see which brand was truly black.
I was totally expecting Urban Decay to win as Perversion is SO super black, but it's just a tiny bit lighter than Tony Moly, which blows my mind. UD also smudges like crazy and has to be set with an eye shadow as well, so that always bums me out and I desperately was looking for something as equally black that didn't budge.

This liner is fabulous. Seriously fabulous. I had gone to the beach and played in the water and splashed about all day. It wasn't until I was getting into the car that I realized my makeup must have smeared all over the place and I probably looked like a hot mess. I scrambled into the front seat and popped down the mirror to see that my eyeliner had not budged. At all. It never needs to be set, which takes out an extra step in my routine and lasts all day until I remove it.

-Truly Waterproof
-Brush is actually pretty nice and thick
-Intense Black

-Must be shipped from Korea

Rating: 10/10
I can't fault the eyeliner for the fact that Tony Moly just doesn't want to throw a store or two in the US, so that's why this liner receives perfect marks. It does a wonderful job, is super black, doesn't smudge, and stays on all day. The price I paid (₩8,000) is amazing compared to my Smashbox liner ($22) or Urban Decay's Perversion ($19). I'm only upset I didn't grab anymore of their awesome colors as they do have a range of colors including: Bluish Green, Pink, Purple and Brown.
Next time I'm there I'm definitely stocking up!

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner
Customer Service: 080-356-2222
If there is an error with this product, contact Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria noticed by Fair Trade Commission. You may be able to request a return or will be compensated.

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner
No. 1 Black (black)
Manufacturing Vendor:(Shares) Tony Moly
180 Seocho Bangbae
Maufacturer: (Shares) Cosmax Ltd.
Pharmaceutical Corportion,Hwaseong Hyangnam-eup Road 27, 2 way 46