Monday, September 2, 2013

Review: Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream

I was SO excited to finally step into a real Missha store instead of ordering online, so when I saw the store in Dongdaemun I may or may not have freaked completely out. When I went inside I was kind of sad though. I for some reason thought their products would be a lot cheaper in Korea than from ordering online. Boo! I did end up picking up my usual BB cream and a few other goodies. It's definitely worth a look as they have some of the highest standards in testing in cosmetics, or so I read (plus they just have really pretty stuff in general!).

Review: Tony Moly Backstage Paint Eye Pot

I usually hit up the popular stores in Sinchon on a weekend, or a Friday night for some stupid reason, so this TM store was jammed packed. While waiting to get to the skincare wall, I was just swatching some pretty gel liners and saw these. I originally thought they were gel liners and got really excited. A SA informed me of what they were actually cream eye shadows instead. Since I was already planning on getting some new base colors, and I liked these two I grabbed them before they ran out.

Review: Tony Moly Collagen Moisture BB Cream

I had previously mentioned losing a list of things I wanted to buy when I was heading over to Myeongdong, so I was quite at a lost when I entered Tony Moly and needed to start from scratch. I asked a Sales Associate about BB creams for dry skin and she walked me over to this one and asked me to try it out. Since the store was jam packed (it was night time on a Friday...derp) I really only got a chance to swatch it and smell it. Since the price wasn't bad at ₩15,000, I decided to grab one and a few other things while there.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review: Missha M B.B Boomer

I originally got quite a few of these as samples to try out when I bought my very first Perfect Cover BB cream and was really excited to get home asap. Oddly, I hated it the first time I wore it outside to work as I thought it faded off really fast and the smell irritated me and threw the rest of the samples away. A few weeks later I was cleaning my vanity and actually found another one I missed and figured since I'd run out of my Etude House Volumer, I'd give it another shot.
I'm SO glad I did