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Snow and Kahime's Guide to Shopping for Hard-to-Find Korean Products When You Don’t Known Korean

This week’s post is is brought to you by the combined efforts of two Asian beauty bloggers, Lin Lin Hime and Snow White and the Asian Pear, who have joined forces to bring our readers this very special how-to guide on where and how to find Korean beauty products- when you don’t know a lick of Korean but you’re starry-eyed at the amazing selection and prices of products available within Korea, and gloomy over how expensive/limited the selection is from international vendors.

In this post:
  • Details on the buying service that will send you your products 
  • How to locate the products you want 
  • Key search terms, ingredients, and brand names - in Korean 
  • How to collect the data the buying service needs 
  • A pre-made spreadsheet that does all the hard work for you 
  • Bloggers cheerfully sassing one another

Details on the buying service that will send you your products:

Snow: Let’s say that you have already read fanserviced’s excellent picture guide on how to order from Avecko, but you’re still lost and confused on how to find these excellent deals since you don’t speak, read, or write Korean, not to mention currency conversions and buying fees and shipping fees- wait, come back!

I promise this will be easier than you’re thinking, because we have built you a series of resources to help you 1. find a product and 2. figure out what it’s going to cost you, and 3. collect all the data you need for Avecko, without exploding your head.

How to locate the products you want:

Kahime:  It can be quite difficult to shop around on Korean websites when your vocabulary is limited to just a few words or characters or just non-existent in general. I remember when I knew barely any Korean and would bug my friend to translate for me and help me figure out which was what. It can be difficult to navigate those wondrous sites with your eyes on that beautiful Missha Snail cream, but how can you find it when Google Translate is failing and the only thing it gives even semi-correct is BB Cream. I mean, you weren’t even looking for a BB cream! So, I am here to help guide your way to better and cheaper purchases! So usually the first thing you see when you go to a website would be the navigation bar, correct? Well there are two things that are kind of standard when looking for pretties: “화장품,” which means ‘cosmetics’ and “뷰티샵” which is ‘beauty’ (you may also see 뷰티). Once you’ve found these, it’s fairly easy to get to where you want to go. Let’s do some basic words, shall we?

Snow: “[...] would bug my friend to translate for me and help me figure out which was what.” HEY! I resemble that remark!

Kahime:  Hehe! Nothing but love Snow, nothin’ but love.

So, say you want to put together a regimen but don’t really know where to start. So, i’ll walk you through each step and give you the translation so you can type in it and start looking!First of all, lets make sure you’re in the right spot. If you’re looking for skincare, you’re going to want to look for this: 스킨케어. Once you've found that it’ll either list everything humanly possible that could be related to skin care, or it’ll break it down even further. Now, it could be listed under categories like so, or it could be under skin (스킨), eye care (아이케어), sun care (썬케어) or even skin care (cotton wipes) accessories (스킨케어소품). For the sake of all of our sanities, lets do a basic cover shall we?

Key search terms, ingredients, and brand names - in Korean: 

딥클렌징오일 - Cleansing Oil
클렌징폼 - Cleansing Foam
토너 - Toner
세럼 - Serum
에멀젼 - Emulsion
에센스 - Essence
앰플 - Ampoule
오일 - Oil
아하 - AHA (More often than not, AHA will be in English)
바하 - BHA (More often than not, BHA will be in English)
모이스처라이저  - Moisturizer
크림 - Cream 
마스크 - Mask
 로션 - Lotion
자외선 차단제 - Sunscreen

Now, you can of course change things up and mix and match to your liking! It doesn't always have to look like this and not everyone needs 9 thousands steps in their routine. If you have more, most definitely let us know and I can get that for you :) Also, these can go WAY more in depth but I’m trying to keep it simple. If you have any other questions about more in depth skin care translations, feel free to drop me a line at

Let’s go on and dabble in cosmetics now!

Again, there are a ton of options but lets hit the “basics” first! I mean, if that’s even POSSIBLE (it isn't for me). Just like the navigation bar for skincare, there’s also going to be one for makeup. It should say “베이스메이크업” which can mean base or makeup. Once there, feel free to shop!

CC크림 - CC Cream
프라이머 - Primer
비비크림 - BB Cream
컨실러 - Concealer
파운데이션 - Foundation
파우더 - Powder
블러셔 - Blush
미스트 - Mist **Note: the term ‘mist’ applies to both setting sprays and skincare mists.

I know what you’re thinking! I know you’re probably wondering: “But I want mascara! I WANT EYESHADOW. I WANT THE PRETTIES. WHERE ARE THEY?!” Okay, okay. We’re getting there, calm down! It sometimes can be under makeup but it’s usually under a different category which is Point Makeup (포인트메이크업). Point makeup usually deals with just the eyes such as liner or shadow, but it can also go as wide as having lip products under there. For space sake, lets just go with the generic stuff~

마스카라 - Mascara
아이라이너 - Eyeliner
아이브로우 - Eyebrow
아이섀도우 - Eyeshadow 
립라이너 - Lip liner
립스틱 - Lipstick
립글로스 - Lip gloss
립밤 - Balm
틴트 - Tint

There are also other places to look for products instead of these websites, such as Naver. South Korean Google. It DOMINATES in Korea. You wanna search for Korean pretties? I suggest you use Naver. When you search for products,after typing in what you’re looking for of course, scroll alllllll the way to the bottom (you’ll see the images); this is where you can see the best pricing available (usually) and which website you can buy this product from. There may be a time where you just want to look for the newest starfish or bee cream or you really just don’t have a specific item in mind. Let’s go over some more popular searches to help with this aimless wandering.

화이트닝 - Whitening  - Now, this doesn't necessarily mean WHITENING your skin. Whitening usually applies to a cream, lotion or essence that will help even out the skin tone; Perhaps get rid of acne scarring, chicken pox scars, or quite a few other stubborn things that drive us crazy. So don’t be too worried when you use this term :)
스네일 (크림)  - Snail (cream) 
스타피쉬 - Starfish
비타민 C- Vitamin C
로즈 - Rose
벌 - Bee
좌창 - Acne
문제성 피부유형 - Problematic Skin Type
털구멍 - Pore
쿠션 - Cushion
향수 - Perfume
바디 - Body
헤어 - Hair

Snow: You may also want to search by a specific Brand name, such as Su:m37 (숨37) because you’re stalking down their elusive Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick like a hungry panther in the dead of night, plotting a sneak attack.  (Or maybe that’s just me.) 

I've created a giant list of Brand names listed in both English and Korean, which you can find here, so all you need to do is copy and paste the brand name + any keyword (such as one from Kahime’s lists above) into a search engine or a specific online shop, and away you go!

 Kahime: I did previously mention Naver (an awesome search engine in general!) but now … what if you've got enough faith in your skills to go off on a rampage and start shopping for things to add to your Aveko order? Well, I have some favorite sites I used while in Korea and back home in the States that I’d love to share with you (These are in no particular order by the way)! Happy Shopping~!
El Lotte (Premium Store):

How to collect the data the buying service needs:

Snow: Once you have located the products that you want, your next step will be to prepare your order for Avecko.  Avecko requires specific information to be entered into their system, such as the name of the product, product page url, product details, and price in Korean Won (KRW, or ₩).

As of my order on 12/2/2014, Paypal is converting KRW to USD at a rate of 1 USD = 1060 KRW.***  I have created a spreadsheet that will help you organize all this data and also do all the conversions for you.  Here it is: Snow White and the Asian Pear's Avecko Calculator. I will be working off a USD base but I have also created a version for: (CAD), (AUD), (GBP), (EU), and (SGD).  If you need a sheet built for a specific currency, just send me an email at and I will be happy to fix one up for you.

*** 2/26/2015 Update:  I have updated the spreadsheet to automatically pull live currency conversion  KRW=USD rates, and automatically generate the rate Paypal offers Avecko.  This means it will always be real-time accurate.  I have verified this rate with both Paypal's customer service and Avecko. I cannot estimate what your local bank/credit company will charge you for the USD > Your Currency rate, but it's usually much cheaper than what Paypal offers.

So how do you use it, since this is a read-only version? Well first you will need to make a copy for your own use.  I created this to help me and my friends make our Avecko order, and I am happy to pass it along to others- I would only ask that you credit where you got it and not claim it as your work.

Let’s get started!

A pre-made spreadsheet that does all the hard work for you:

First, save a copy of my sheet (you will need a google account, or to download it onto your local machine if you have a compatible program):

Then click OK to Save the copy to your drive:

Then just delete the example entries in there (just delete the content for Product Name, Link, Shipping, and Price in ₩, leave the rest of them alone- they will clear as soon as you delete the ₩ price) and you are ready to enter in your own data!

Now the fun begins!

Let’s say that you want to purchase this pretty looking 1+1 (meaning 2 products are included) Missha rose hand cream set from E-Mart ( that Kahime recommended, which you found by searching for Rose (로즈) using her list of common search keywords, and you want it because it’s cheap and it will smell pretty. (We understand) 

You’ve got the URL, the translated name of the product (Avecko seems to have no issue identifying things that you ask for in English, but you could always use Google Translate’s ‘Show Original’ option if you want to copypasta the original Korean), the cost in ₩, and the shipping fee (note fanserviced’s warning that the free shipping usually means ordering that $$ amount on that page) so you are ready to enter in that data.

All you have to do is copy and paste the info into your new spreadsheet:

On the page, it said the shipping was ₩2,500, or if over ₩3,300 it would be free:

So the total cost would be ₩3,000 + ₩2,500 shipping.

Kahime: That’s almost the cost of 2 sets of the creams, just get two!  THE UNIVERSE IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING HERE, SNOW. YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE.

Snow:  Kahime has a point.  Why get 1 set for ₩5,500 when I could get 2 sets for ₩6,000 with free shipping?!

Never fear, this is easy with the sheet! Just change the Quantity column, delete the Shipping cost, and shazam!

See how it automatically updated the total estimates to reflect that you are ordering two?  Now I just need to find some friends who like pretty smelling hand creams …


Snow: Thank you for your altruistic sacrifice, Kahime, which in no way was related to your earlier enabling of buying more hand creams than I could possibly use on my own, right?

Anyway, we’ll add one more example to the sheet from a different site, using Kahime’s term for snails (스네일) :

I had no idea whatmeant in the Shipping section, so I did some really painful work involving a virtual keyboard, a lot of guesswork, google translate, two bottles of wine, and a llama. (Ok, maybe not the last two.) It turns out, 무료배송 is 'free shipping', so there will be no cost to send this to Avecko. So just keep your eyes peeled for that phrase, and you’re good to go. If you have no idea, Avecko will let you know if there is a shipping cost.

Kahime: Of course it would be snails. When was the last time you made a haul without snails, Snow?

Snow: Never, like a sensible person?

So we'll add it into our sheet and see what the total is:

So, now you are all ready to either send this off to Avecko, share it with the people you are developing a group order with, or fill it with many, many items on your wishlist. I have provided 50 rows of the formulas, so you have plenty of room.

Kahime:  Working with The Snow has been an absolute honor as she’s a favorite blogger of mine and her post are always so full of fabulous information. The way she breaks down all the ingredients? Amazing~! But...I now need a Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick after reading about it from the above. Actually, this has made me want a lot of things! After looking up all the websites I used while in Korea and looking at the whole process of ordering? It’s made me want to get all the pretties! ALL OF THEM. 

Snow: It’s been a blast working on the project with Kahime, although somehow in the midst of all this ‘theoretical’ product searching ‘for the purposes of blogging demonstration’ I have managed to find a haul’s worth of things that I need to have and have sent off another order to Avecko. D:  

Kahime has created a monster, as my incessant questions about search terms and Korean sites and whatnot have finally pushed me to start learning Hangul at least, so now I’ve progressed from “Kahiiiiimeeeeee, what does XYZ mean??” to “Kahiiiimeeeee, this syllable makes no sense!  How do you pronounce this?!” which I am not entirely sure is an improvement from her perspective.  Luckily for me, she’s incredibly good-natured!

As always, you can leave your comments below or shoot either (or both!) of us an email at and/or

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Review: Dr. Oracle The Snow Queen Enzyme Powder Wash

I absolutely love enzyme washes, peels and scrubs. I guess you could say they're my weakness! They make me a super happy camper and are my favorite part of my skincare routine. I love the fact that they can exfoliate, clean my skin and leave it feeling super soft. I've tried quite a few of them actually, but was super excited when Glow Recipe, a Korean Beauty website based in the US, asked me if I'd like to review this enzyme wash. Although this was sent to me, all thoughts and opinions are my own! They've also been kind enough to invite me to use their referral program, so if you use a link I provide at the bottom it'll give you a $5 discount code for first time customers! 

Product Info:
Dr. Oracle The Snow Queen Enzyme Powder Wash
Deep & Soft Cleansing
Pineapple & Papaya Enzyme
50g, 1.7oz

Where to get it:
Glow Recipe: 25.00

As a sub-acidic cleanser, it takes care of waste and dead skin cells for a clean skin. You will experience a moist and bright skin tone upon use. Powder may fly given the product characteristic.

-Cleans Skin
-Brightens skin

Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Citric Acid, Calamine, Water, Cellulose, Mannitol, Bromelain, Papain, Caprylyl Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol

Everything in the ingredients came up as safe by CosDNA standards except for Papain, which hit a 0-3 on the irritant side. Papain is an enzyme found and extracted in Papaya and Mountain Papaya. Papain has been shown to reduce redness, help with burns, wounds and bites. It's kind of an all around amazing enzyme!

If you're curious as to what the Pineapple enzyme would be, that would be the ingredient Bromelain. Like Papain, it is a known ingredient found in most exfoliators and doesn't have a rank on either irritant or acne scale. It is mostly known for it's works in cancer research, but is gaining popularity for skincare as it is is being used for anti-inflammatory purposes as well as exfoliation. 

Personally, I find there to be a slight scent of...something. I can't figure it out but it's very slight. My boyfriend can't smell anything but another friend I had over (girls night, whoohoo!) also mentioned she smelled a faint something. For those of you who find scents irritating, you needn't worry!

The packaging is quite cute actually. Not overly cute or bright pink like a famous brand we all know and love...but instead a more...grown up cute? It's definitely giving it's Snow Queen a mention through the castle and flakes on the box. I am super happy to see that there is Korean but also English on this! Everything it mentions on the Korean side is also mentioned in English. This is so beyond rare and I was super pleased when I started reading it. It does go a bit more in depth as well as gives warning info (do not use if you have open wounds, contact doctor, discontinue use if irritates the skin, blah blah blah) as well as batch number and expiry date (it doesn't list it). It also gives customer service information and a location in Korea, but yeah. Other than that, everything is in English! YAY. The bottle itself is easy to open, sleek and easy to keep clean!

There is a specific ratio on how you would like to use it, and you can see that here on their Instagram! The bottle actually pours out a specific amount every time so I never need to worry on if i'm using too much or too little, which is super convenient. If you would like to use it as a daily cleanser (like I do), you need to add an equal amount of water and it becomes foamy. If you would like to use it as a exfoliator, then add just a few drops of water and it'll become almost like a paste. 

I really love the fact that it pours the right amount every time. I also like the fact that after I've used it, my skin doesn't feel tight at all. Instead, my skin feels clean and hydrated which is kind of rare with most cleansers. I big seller for me is that it's not just an exfoliator but also a cleanser, and a pretty good one at that. It's removed not only my skincare (when I go without makeup for the day) but also my mascara, eyeliner and base cosmetics. That, I must say, is pretty impressive. I always double cleanse just because it's second nature but you really could do without with this one. I've stopped using my Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel while using this and was pleasantly surprised at how well this one kept up with my $90. It keeps my skin soft and smooth just as well! Yay!

-Cleanses skin of makeup 
-Ingredient list is short and to the point
-Pours exact amount

-$25 might be a bit pricey for some

Rating: 10/10
For me, this totally blew me away. I was expected yes, a good exfoliator but I wasn't expecting a cleanser that could remove all my makeup. This one went head to head with my Amore one and is less than half the price as well as has an added bonus of cleansing? Uhm, yes please! I like also that it helps keep my skin soft and supple feeling afterwards. There is no tight squeaky feeling here. I really enjoy the perfect amount dispenser too as I'm always unsure of how much to actually use sometimes. I've had my boyfriend use it (he has a giant beard of awesome) and he was super happy with how nice it cleansed his skin and how it didn't cause his beard to become brittle (it's happened with quite a few cleansers!). So, if you are shopping for a bearded man, this one would definitely be a great idea. Although this was sent to me to review, I am definitely grabbing one for myself and the bf to use once it has ran out. Super pleased! Plus? ENGLISH ON THE BOX.

If you're interested in trying this or any other products out from Glow Recipe, here's a link for $5 off your first purchase. Yes this is an affiliate link, but I wouldn't put it here unless I really enjoyed the company or the products. If you try this out, please let me know your thoughts!

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Unboxing: Vagabond Youth x Memebox

So the newest thing on the market, aside from starfish and the ever amazing snail would definitely have to be Memebox! 

"The Memebox is curated by our experts in Korea to offer you the widest selection of the hottest Korean beauty products. Memeboxes contains 4 - 7 full-sized items and deluxe samples, and contents vary from makeup, skin care, hair and body products."

For those of us in the States, they also have a store located here for super fast shipping and easier access to those products we know and love so well. 

The boxes themselves range in price on whether they're filled with full-size products, if it's a brand box (Banila Co, TonyMoly...) or if they're for the body or hair. I've gotten two myself and loved them both dearly. The only downside to Memeboxes is if they haven't released a list of spoilers (what's inside) or there hasn't been an "unboxing" yet. It can be bit of a gamble when you're not entirely sure of what you're getting!

I was aimlessly browsing my Instagram one day and saw Memebox release a new collab with Vagabond Youth. She is a Youtuber located in the beautiful city of Los Angeles who is quite famous for her fashion pieces and makeup pointers (she also has her own store!). I personally hadn't heard of her until this box but I really only use YouTube for makeup tutorials instead of Outfits Of the Day. Luckily for me, Memebox had released a full list of the entire box along with photos! Once I saw the Shara Shara CC and the two Etude products? Totally sold. So, lets dig into this box!

Rivecowe Plenty Volume Mascara - $15

"Creating instant over sized volume and curl, this revolutionary formula nourishes your lashes with a unique formula that strengthens and smoothes for long-lasting volume."

This mascara looked nice and dandy in the box but it's definitely not the type of wand I prefer. I like slightly fat wands while this one is fairly small and straight. It boasts a 24 hour volume, waterproof and helps nourish lashes while still being able to remove with warm water. Sounds like a dream come true! 

dearberry Toc Toc Blusher - $9

"This easy to use blusher creates a subdued color finish that creates a more 3 dimensional face shape for the look of a sharper jaw line and smaller-sized face. Sebum-controlling powder absorbs sweat and oil for the look of a radiant glow."

I'm not gonna lie, there was a choice between Peach Sorbet (the one I received) and Moonshine which is more of a highlighter....I was hoping for the Moonshine. Sadly, it's randomly selected and you get no choice :/
Sadness aside, the color is actually quite pretty on me and my pale skin. It's not at all chalky and is quite easy to apply. I was hooked the moment I saw it online as my favorite makeup artist and her team, Jung Saemmool, seem to absolutely love puff blushers. Apparently dearberry is now using Boyfriend as their brand representatives. Hmm.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer - $7

"A creamy-textured primer to be applied before eye makeup application to increase pigment adherence and lasting power, and to marrify and smooth out skin texture. Suitable for all skin types especially for sensitive skin."

Now I've already used this primer and absolutely loved it. It worked just as well as the description brags so this has still stayed sealed. I have so many primers to use so perhaps I'll do a giveaway soon? I really prefer this over my MAC Paintpots as this is more...creamy and tacky, which is perfect for helping bright shadows adhere and stay as bright as they are in the pan. I've also used it with pigments too!

Etude House Tear Drop Liner - $7

You can see how much more pink this one is than the #1

Did I ever mention how much I absolutely love Etude House? No? Well...I love Etude House. A lot. I went a bit insane in their stores while in Seoul.... enough that a few of the girls working in the Jamsil area recognized me a few days later >_> Yeah. It was bad. One of the first things I bought was this liner but in shade 1 which is a silvery shade with multi-colored glitters in it. This box has the choice of 1, 3 or 4. Luckily I did not get a repeat color and received color 3 which is a drop dead gorgeous light pink shimmery color. It is definitely a stronger color than number one which seems to be filled with more glitter than color. It's long lasting! I've been using it as a inner eye color to brighten as well as using it under my eyes :) 

Color World Matte Eye Shadow Palette - $36

"A day-to-night palette with three neutral yet glamorous shades that blend beautifully and mimic the shimmering texture of sandy beaches. Color World is a high-end brand sold only in department stores and this specific palette was designed as special limited F/W (Fall/Winter season) collection for our newly launching collaboration box."

Honestly? I'd never heard of Color World and I have shopped in quite a few department stores in Seoul. Perhaps I needed to go a more high end store? I'm not entirely sure. I couldn't really find anything out about the brand online either!
The palette itself feels quite cheap and plastic-y, it has no mirror and closes with a magnetic piece on either side of the colors. The colors themselves feel super buttery, go on quite well and last quite a long time. The only matte color in this palette would be the dark brown though, so calling the entire palette matte is a bit odd.
 The gold shade is a bit light but can be easily built up.
The middle shade, the more coppery shade is super creamy and is super pigmented.
The dark brown shade is also super pigmented but can be chalky and hard to work with.

ideeB Sweet Gelish Eyeliner - $9

"Create countless looks with gel pencil formulas for precise pigmented application, inner rim lining, long-wear, contouring, and subtle to smoky looks."

It lets you smudge for a few seconds and then stays PUT
I received the color Gold Brown but was quite surprised when I ripped it open as it's a...dark burgundy color? I even asked a few friends just in case I might be going color blind and they all agreed: It's not golden or brown. 
The color aside (although it's a gorgeous color!) the eyeliner is very water-proof, sweat-proof and lasts foreverrrr! I've used it on my lower lashes and I was so happy to not have to "set" it with a shadow! You have a few seconds to smudge it out before it sets, so it also works wonders for smokey looks. Two thumbs up!

Miss Age Essential Lip Rouge - $17

"A rich, full-color lip rouge with long lasting colors and shine."

The only color available was 01 Pure Red, which I was super excited for. I am a huge fan of reds and the tube online made it look like a very orangey-red, which I am in LOVE with. I have to admit I was a little less than gentle with the packaging after taking photos and even less gentle with the bottle when opening it. When I did open the lip rouge, I have to say I was quite taken aback as the color? Well, it was bright pink! It didn't stay on for very long (maybe 3-4 hours?) nor did it even stain...nada. The color was fairly pretty while it lasted and definitely was glossy but I was kind of disappointed in the wear time.

good'p Madeca Cream - $24

"Ready your skin to its perfect, silky condition before dolling up with the Madeca Cream, and you'll be able to experience how important pre-makeup skincare is! Containing loads of natural ceramide ferments and titrated extracts from centella asiatica plus utilizing good'p's unique pre-lipid technology, the Madeca Cream absorbs fast and deep into the skin, and works to smooth out find wrinkles as well as brighten up the overall complexion."

The seal was stuck to the lid...Oops
Damn. That's a lot of stuff to own up to! Now first of all, the box really doesn't give any information on how to apply this, just kind of slap it on your skin and go about your day so I wasn't entirely sure if this was a moisturizer or a primer as the description mentions SKINCARE. So I tried on a bit and honestly, it feels and works more like a primer than it does a I've kind of been using it as such, or cutting it with my BB/CC/whatever to add a little bit of gloss to my skin. I have to say it does help plump up and help hydrate the skin for longer wear time for whatever I happen to be slapping on my skin, plus it smells nice. Now, this is a bit smaller (20ml) than Benefit's Porefessional (22ml) and it's a few dollars more expensive. I didn't find that it did all that much better than Porefessional so I'm not entirely sure about the price tag. Oh well, you know?

Shara Shara Color Control Cream - $24

"Balance out uneven skin tone and add extra radiance to your complexion with Shara Shara’s CC Cream! Despite the fact that it comes in No.2 Natural Beige, this CC Cream will only color control and work to bring out the most naturally glowing complexion, and thus can be used universally by all skin colors."

As soon as I saw this CC cream, I knew I had to have this box. Etude House aside, this is what I ordered the box for. No shame! After I ordered it though, I did notice that this was in the shade number two. Derp. Now, I'm not entirely sure if you've seen any posts containing my face, but I'm fairly pale and usually am too dark for most BB creams, which is why I've turned to CC creams to help me out. The two in the shade color scared me and I debated on cancelling it for something else but decided oh well. If it didn't work, i'd give it away, you know? Actually, it blended in perfectly! I was quite surprised and happy to see how well it worked. It has quite a high coverage for a CC cream and has a nice dewy finish, but my only complaint is that it's quite dry when rubbing it into the skin. I've had to use a super moisturizing....moisturizer to help this but once it's on, it's not an issue. It's long lasting and looks gooooorgeous on! Super happy!

All in all, I'd say this box was totally worth purchasing as it comes out to $2.55 per item not including shipping ($6.99). That is not bad at ALL. I would say this box is more for those who like to wear light or more neutral makeup, but all of this stuff can definitely be used for night looks as well as multi-functional (That palette has the perfect brown for my brows!). I'd say once it's in stock again or put into the Out Of Stock (restocked boxes) you should definitely grab it!

For those who did get this box, what did you think?