Monday, September 2, 2013

Review: Tony Moly Backstage Paint Eye Pot

I usually hit up the popular stores in Sinchon on a weekend, or a Friday night for some stupid reason, so this TM store was jammed packed. While waiting to get to the skincare wall, I was just swatching some pretty gel liners and saw these. I originally thought they were gel liners and got really excited. A SA informed me of what they were actually cream eye shadows instead. Since I was already planning on getting some new base colors, and I liked these two I grabbed them before they ran out.

Product Info:
Tony Moly Backstage Paint Eye Pot

Where to get it:
Pretty&Cute: 10.00 (They are all out of the Olive and Bluish-Green colors)
MomoMango: 16.99

Tony Moly's Backstage Paint Eye Pots are waterproof eye shadows that come in 6 fun colors.  With its twist-off brush, this eye shadow makes it easy to achieve dazzling eyes.  Versatile for almost any occasion, these paint eye pots can be used for the everyday natural look or mix and match to bring out your eyes. Take this eye shadow everywhere you go without having to carry an additional brush.

-Bright Colors
-Convenient to use

None listed on product or internet, just mentions how to return the product if damaged.

There's no scent with the Coral shade, but oddly enough there is with the White shade. It's a weird mix of vanilla and plastic, almost like it's supposed to smell edible perhaps?

The pots themselves are clear so you can easily see the color and how much product you have left. The top twist off is white with a convenient brush built in top if you'd like to use it as such, but I usually use it for lining the eyes instead of applying color to the lids.

The colors come out exactly as you see them inside, and can be layered to be that true color, or blended for a gentle wash of sparkly color. Even when blended though, they do not lose their color! They're also filled with glitter pigments which don't worry, you can't feel, but you can see!

Apparently you can use them as eye shadows, liners, blush, as well as tints for the lips (I can only see 2/6 colors working for that...). I love the white as a base as not even my NYX jumbo pencil's can brag about the staying power, plus these also don't leave behind a sticky feeling. The coral shade is my dream shade! I bought the MAC Rubenesque paint pot and was so sad as the gorgeous pink/gold shade did not show up at all, or when it did it faded off so quickly. THIS Coral is what I expected that paint pot to look like, and it's a fifth of the price!

-Last all day/night
-Convenient brush built in


Rating: 10/10
I was so upset that I only bought two of them! Especially since Tony Moly was having a sale (When aren't they!?) when I went in and got them both for ₩8,000 (7.30USD), which I thought was pretty excellent. I wore the white one as a base to the beach and played all day in the water, and when I got out I was really happy that my eye makeup was still perfect. They do come off easily with makeup remover though, so no worries about that or any kind of staining! I have problems with wearing pink/redish bases as they stain, but these babies do NOT. I can't wait to go back and buy the rest of them, especially the Olive and Pink. Those were SUPER pretty. Gah! It's just torture to wait~