Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Fairy Bakery Eye Shadows

I have to say the few times I went into Holika Holika, it wasn't really a great experience. Of course, I went on the weekends so that was just stupid in general -___-
They were discontinuing a few lines, products, and tools so every time I went in they were having amazing sales, but they were also incredibly packed! I do have to say, for as much as I bought the SA's were kind of mean and...NO SAMPLES! Gahhh~
You read that correctly. No. Samples. I was kind of bummed actually as I spent at least 50 bucks. Who knows... Perhaps Tony Moly and Etude House just spoiled me so much I was just expecting the unusual?

Product Info:
Holika Holika Fairy Bakery Cookie Eye Shadow in "Mirage."
Holika Holika Fairy Bakery Muffin Eye Shadow in "Disco Night."
2.5 G


Disco Night

Where to get it:
Holika Holika Store: I believe I got mine for about 8 bucks?
They were also having a 1+1 sale!

KoreaDepart: 12.30
W2Beauty: 12.87 (Normally 14.30)

KoreaDepart: 10.54
W2Beauty: 11.34 (Normally 12.61)

Amazing soft and velvety texture with highly pigmented color to create smooth and vibrant eyes. Build these incredibly shimmery colors up from sheer to bold to fit any occasion. The dazzling shadows can be worn alone or mixed and matched to create a variety of smoky looks for day or night. Their long-lasting crease free formula blends effortlessly into each other, resulting in a seamless transition.

-Highly Pigmented
-Variety of finishes
-Long lasting
-Crease free formula
-Easy to blend

None that I could find


The baked shadows are encased in a very thick black or brown plastic with a kind of swirl design. The cases all had clear plastic covers on top so you could easily see which shadow you'd be selecting. The cases easily open to expose the beautiful shimmery shadows. The bottom of the cases have the usual information: Which collection, name (and number), who manufactures it, bar code, customer service number, and where it's made. The top of the clear case shows the usual Holika Holika witch logo.

"Mirage" is a silvery/taupe/purple shadow with silver and purple glitter. It reminds me a lot of Giorgio Armani's 'Eyes to Kill' Intense Silk Eye Shadow in Pulp Fiction. It's got a wonderful taupe/purple shade on one side and the other is a mixture of purple, red, silver, gray, and taupe with glitter added in. The glittery side reminds me of a 3d glitter, but a tad more purple. It's hard to explain how beautiful it is!
"Disco Night" is pretty straight forward on the other hand. On one side is a deep dark royal purple, and the other is a light gold with TONS of glitter. The gold is by far my absolute favorite. Hands down.
These shadows are so soft and glide on so easily, especially for "baked" shadows. I've gotten several while working at Sephora, and I always felt like I had to pack and pack on the color. Same for a few of the MAC shadows. With these guys, since they are so pigmented, I apply a little at a time. Since they are baked, they also come with the option to use them dry or wet for a super shimmery night out.

Top is the dry version, bottom was applied wet

My camera fails to show how beautiful Mirage is!

Disco Night


Shimma shimma!!

The baked eye shadows seem to have a shimmery side and a super glittery side, which isn't bad at all. I mean, hey...who doesn't love a little bit of shimmer and glitter in their looks? I do have to admit, when I first used the shadows I was a bit disappointed and put them in a drawer and forgot about them for a bit until I needed a glittery gold for a look I was doing. I then rediscovered the magic of Holika Holika and wondered why I put them there in the first place! The only bad thing about the shadows is that the glitter tends to get everywhere in the case and makes them incredibly hard to clean, but then again....glitter gets everywhere! I usually put them on over any kind of primer and these babies stay all day. I've used them by themselves without a primer and they still last, but they do fade after a few hours. They blend so easily into other colors and finishes without any hassle at all, so it's always nice to use them. Another nice thing about these shadows is that the glitter and shimmer lasts all the way through the product, so there's no worry about loving the glitter only to find it only goes a certain way through the shadow.

-Easy to apply and blend
-Long lasting

-The glitter in some shades do tend to get everywhere

Rating: 10/10
I do love these shadows! I can't fault glitter for being glitter and getting everywhere. They are so soft and buttery. It takes so little of the actual shadow to get a bright and colorful look. I like the fact that I can use them wet and they don't cake up in the pan so I need to scrape them off to get the shadow back into form. I would recommend these to anyone and can't wait to go back as I see they've reformulated some of them too! There's also a black glittery one with a matte white one that I'm 900% sure I absolutely need in my life~