Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream

Before I went to Seoul, I had this huge list written out of everything that I wanted to buy so I wouldn't forget a single thing as I tend to get easily distracted and buy lots of random things. So, I made sure to put this list in my wallet so I would see it every time I had to pay for something.Yeah, well somehow between Songpa-gu and Myeongdong it slipped and fell out so I was left without my wonderful list and yup...forgot half the things I wanted to buy including this BB cream. I'd gotten samples of it previously and absolutely loved it along with the Aura Beam counterpart, it doesn't hurt that 박지연 (Park Ji-yeon) was their model for this BB cream and I obsess over her eye makeup a bit too much sometimes. It took me a few months before I was able to go back and buy it, but luckily I went when they were having a sale so it ended up being W10,000, which is about 8.98USD. Regardless of loving or hating it later....I mean come on. A BB cream for 9 bucks? Man oh man do I love Seoul~

Product Info:
Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream
SPF 37 PA++

Where to get it:
KoreaDepart: 12.18
W2beauty: 18.11
IbuyBeauti: 19.99
YesStyle: 20.00

Multi-tasking BB cream adds a dash of radiance to the usual mix of whitening, anti-wrinkle, concealing and moisturizing ingredients found in most BB creams to create a dewy and glossy finish. Watery and lightweight formula has an added astringent effect that keeps skin feeling fresh and clean longer.

-Full Coverage
-Tightens skin

Since COSDNA isn't available at the moment, I'll upload the ingredients a bit later!

Its has a light floral scent that I've come to expect from any and all Tony Moly products. This one has a bit more staying power than anything else I've used and does last all day on me. A friend of mine also uses this BB cream but told me she can't smell it after she applies it. Odd. So in all honesty...I'm not sure if this would be okay for those sensitive to fragrances as I've heard different experiences.

First of all, sorry my camera is on this serious-hatred-for-shiny-boxes kick. It refuses to focus if the box or bottle is somewhat shiny or metallic and i'm not 100% sure why. It also likes to make swatches look yellow which is getting just as annoying -.-;

I'll try retaking photos when the sun is out and see if that helps as 2am photos never really do it. Anyways! The box is a white/pink ombre with both English and Korean instructions and ingredients, although like usual the Korean is a bit more extensive and detailed. The bottle itself has the exact same design as the box, except that the bottle has the manufacturing date which is unusual. It's a very sturdy round plastic bottle and is suitcase, purse, and people proof. I can't say how many times I've dropped this or had it in my bag and have tossed it around forgetting it's in my purse. This BB cream is a squeeze tube so no pump with this one, just a nozzle. Luckily the BB cream is a bit on the thicker side so it doesn't rush out everywhere and wastes product, but I do recommend being a bit careful at first as this baby is completely full of product so it will come out at the first gentle squeeze!

The Aura cream is thick for excellent coverage, but thin enough to easily apply all over the face. Sadly, it comes in one shade and is more on the pink side. It starts out as a solid medium coverage but is easily buildable to full coverage or a small amount can be mixed with a moisturizer to make it sheer. I usually apply a single layer and wait about ten minutes and add a bit more to dark circles or the random spot that's appeared and is taking over my face. You can see on my hand how it covers up my veins almost entirely from a small amount.

It's one of the few BB creams I have that doesn't sink into my smile lines, pores, or fade after a few hours which I absolutely love. I do have dry skin and it stays on all day regardless of if it's hot and humid or cold and rainy... It's weather proof I swear! I don't use a primer and have never really found a reason due to it's lasting time, but I'm sure it'd still perform beautifully with one. Since it's so close to my natural skin color and tone, I don't have to wait much for it to oxidize and match me which is nice. It also leaves this really pretty glowing effect which I love. It has a counterpart which is the Aura Beam, which is essentially a glittery gel to help make the skin look glossy and healthy, but it was sold out both times I went back. I believe you can use it as a primer, or dab it on top of the BB cream for a highlighting effect. I think it does perfectly fine at being "glossy" on it's own though.

-Excellent coverage
-Pretty smell
-Very cheap
-Wonderful glow to skin
-Bottle is COMPLETELY filled with product (no air space!)

-Comes in a single shade
-Smell can be overwhelming for some

Rating: 10/10
I absolutely love, love, LOVE this BB cream and haven't put it down since I bought it. I really wish I'd have stocked up so I wouldn't feel so guilty about using it everyday and wondering when I'm going to run out. I do have quite a few other BB creams as I did go a bit crazy on the shopping, but I just always grab this one first and will most likely keep reaching until I need to start hording on the very last bit that's left. I hope I'm back in Seoul before this happens or I'll be a very sad woman! Especially since Tony Moly gives out samples like crazy when you buy BB creams more so than anything else, which is quite...odd.