Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: Makeup Geek Eye Shadows

Once again, totally hopping on the late train and finally picking some MUG beauties up! For those of you who don't know, Makeup Geek cosmetics were created by the fabulous Marlena of Makeup Geek. She wanted products that were affordable for all, super pigmented, cruelty free and easily available. So, she decided to launch her own line and from what I can tell (I heard she made over 2.5 million last year alone?) it's been very successful! I bought some eye shadows as well as pigments and will be reviewing them both!

Ps. Sorry I haven't been around lately...Like, almost three months. Ouch. I started a new job in July and I've been working 60+ hours a week. By the time I get home all I want to do is just eat, sleep and repeat. I will make an effort to do better!

Product Info:
Makeup Geek Eye Shadows
1.8g/0.064 OZ

Where to get it:
Makeup Geek:
5.99 for pan
7.99 for compact

Peach Smoothie
White Lies

MUG really only has descriptions about each color on their site but their packaging has this on it:
As Makeup geeks, we stay true to who we are. Cosmetics are not used to change ourselves, but to enhance the exquisite and unique people that we are. To be a makeup geek means to be a reflection of our inner beauty.

-Long lasting
-Variety of colors
-Variety of finishes

Mica, Isoeicosane, Polyisobutene
May Contain: 
Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Boron Nitride, Kaolin, Polyethylene, PTFE, Nylon-12, Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Silica, Synthetic Wax, Lauroyl Lysine, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Methicone, Dimethicone, Iron Oxides CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, Chromium Hydroxide Green CI 77289, Ultramarines CI 77007, Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Bismuth Oxychloride CI 77163, Manganese Violet CI 77742dc Black No. 2 CI 77266, C13-16 Isoparaffin, C12-C14 Isoparaffin, C13-C15 Alkane, Carmine CI 75470, Chromium Oxide Greens CI 77288, Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide CI 77510, Ferric Ferrocyanide CI 77510, Blue 1 Lake CI 42090, Yellow 5 Lake CI 19140, Red 6 Lake CI 15850, Tin Oxide, Zinc Stearate

There is no scent

I've only purchased the refills so I can't tell you if the compacts differ in packaging. I bought four pigments and 6 eye shadows and the box it was shipped to me in was the size of my palm. I can understand packaging and sending out thousands of orders can be not only time consuming and expensive but each shadow was literally only wrapped in the smallest amount of bubble wrap possible and shoved into the box. It worries me as the refills are put into a small wrap quite similar to MAC's refills and are shipped this way. I received Corrupt and White Lies in less than perfect form which made me super sad. Once removed the only information is on the back, which unlike MAC, the color is clearly labeled. The one awesome thing about MUG? THE COLOR LABELING. THANK YOU.

True to their word, most of their colors are super pigmented, soft and easy to apply. If my lids weren't so dry I wouldn't even have to use primer to keep these shades vibrant and wonderful all day. Damn you dry skin! Boo!

"Turn up the heat and put on a show with this sultry and shimmery burgundy shade that features just a hint of bronze."
I love this color as I can use it in a light wash with a fluffy dome brush to help fade out a brighter color, or use it at it's full intensity for a wonderful smokey eye. It does have a rust hint to it so fair warning when pairing it up with other colors! I will definitely re-purchase this baby!

"This is just as fun to wear as it is to say. I dare you to say Razzleberry three times in a row really fast- come on, you know you want to..."
I bought this color mostly because the site claimed it to be "Raspberry Pink with Gold Glitter," but once I swatched it? Seriously disappointed and I love my pinks . When I first swatched it I was terribly confused as my finger looked fairly pink but my hand where I had placed the color? There was hardly anything there. I tried it over NYX's Milk and nothing (it just looks pinker). I thought there might be a film over it or the shadow had dried out so I scraped a bit off and nothing. It's still non-existent. I would definitely pass on this lack of color and a waste of 6 bucks. If anyone has any ideas on how to make this work, please let me know!

Peach Smoothie
"Nothing is as refreshing and fun as one of our favorite summer treats, a peach smoothie. Now the same mouthwatering color that draws us in can be used to adorn your eyes."
Now this color is THE raved about color so of course I had to grab it and see for myself if it's the Holy Grail of blending colors!
Yes, it is absolutely fabulous for blending out any smokey color I have but I also have to mix a bit of MAC's Vanilla in as this shade is a bit too...yellow on me? I think I might try Beaches And Cream next time! That might be my HG. But yes, I would buy this color as it definitely is worth the purchase!

All that fall out is from me barely touching it to swatch

It looks better on the lid than on my hand! I promise :D
"Grab your itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini and your favorite book- it's time to hit the pool! This crisp and cool green-blue has just the most subtle shimmer that captures the look of a calm swimming pool with the sun glistening off the surface. No matter if you just like to dip your toes in or dive right in, you’ll fall in love with this shadow."
I'm a gigantic sucker for two colors: Pink and bright blues. When I saw the description "Bright shimmery teal with specks of gold," I was like "MINEEEEEE." This shadow is absolutely wonderful! The texture is like butter, the color glides on and even the little gold glitters stay all day! I use a darker brown to fade the crease out and BAM. Perfect look. I will definitely repurchase this color whenever I run out!

"It's dark, evil, poisonous, and vile. Actually, it's just an intensely pigmented black eyeshadow. You will have a hard time finding such a deep, dark shadow – especially at this price."
So I'm a huge fan of using black in my looks. I love dark smokey eyes. LOVE THEM. Except that MAC's Carbon is expensive and I tend to use a lot of it up in a small amount of time. So when this color was FIRST launched I knew....I knew it had to be mine. This color is absolutely RIDICULOUS. It's so pigmented, super black and you need the smallest amount to have your entire eye pitch black. Everyone needs to have this color in their arsenal as it's just too amazing to pass up.

I seriously meant it when I said they're so soft that it's just powder everywhere
Idk if you can see it, but the middle has a gigantic chunk missing T_T

White Lies
"Lie #1: “It’s ok, it happens to everyone…”
Lie #2: “But, I got it on sale”
Lie #3: “This is the best gift ever!”
Lie #4: “No, nothing’s wrong.”
Lie #5: “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes”

We've all told these white lies at some point, but this matte white eyeshadow is one you haven’t tried"
Okay, I'm gonna say it right off the bat that this color is crap and non-existent. I know I'm pale but this color doesn't show up at all on my eyes regardless of what color primer I'm using. I kept seeing all these photos of how amazing White Lies is and now I feel totally sad that I bought it. I will go back go MAC's Gesso from now on as at least the color shows and isn't super chalky :(

LOOK AT DAT PAN. FROM DROPPING IT (and some from shipping)

So 2 out of 6 shadows isn't bad, right? Also, I should make a note to say that White Lies and Corrupt broke during shipping to remind everyone that these shadows are super soft. I also broke White Lies and Corrupt even more when I dropped my neutral palette. It was a sad day :( The MAC shadows hung in there like a boss, but these two....Basically White Lies was destroyed and I have maybe like 20-30% left. FAIR WARNING! Be careful with these guys!

They are seriously pigmented, apply wonderfully (some) and do come in a variety of colors. I believe she has over 60 different shades? I also want to make a note that when you are using these, be careful with your furniture as well. Whenever I touch my brush to these, I'm not sure if they're just not packed as tightly as MAC or they're just so powdery or what, but a ton of the color will fall off the brush and onto everything which can be super annoying. Fall out is a thing with these shadows even after tapping the brush off.

-Super cheap
-Tons of colors to choose from

-Some shades have zero pigmentation
-Super powdery/soft
-Constant fall out
-Staining lids/furniture

Rating: 8/10
Although Razzleberry and White Lies does not work very well with me, it doesn't mean that they won't be someone's HG. It could also be that I also got duds as well! I thought it was odd that W.L's just basically smudged the Milk pencil around and wouldn't even set it. OH WELL. The ones I do love are super pigmented and you only need the tiniest amount to work your magic!  I would definitely recommend checking their shadows out as they're a lot cheaper than MAC and are worth a shot!