Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Etude House Tear Drop Powder

Etude House is so ridiculously sparkly and pink..I just...I can't go into that store without buying at least $30 worth of stuff. It's so bad for my wallet! I went in on a mission though! My friend uses the Tear Eye Liner and it looks SO pretty on her, so I knew I needed it ASAP. The store was not busy at all and the SA's were kind enough to show me where the liner was and asked if I needed anything else. Before I could say no, thank you though, one SA informed me that they were having a 30% off sale along with a 1+1. HOW EVIL. So, I grabbed...several more things and this jar of sparkliness was one of them.

Product Info:
Etude House
Tear Drop Powder
#1 Crystal White Tear

I have no idea whats up with my lighting...

Where to get it:
Etude House: ₩5,500
The RoseRosesShop: 4.40
KoreaDepart: 6.44
W2Beauty: 9.68
YesStyle: 12.00

It's the one WITHOUT a price! My receipt
died during the flight back

Sparkling loose powder adds instant shimmer and a sparkling shine wherever you want to glow.

-Instant shimmer
-Easy to apply

Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Silica, Methylparaben, Tinoxide (CL 77861), Titanium Dioxide (CL 77891)


Etude House is pretty much known for their pretty pink, princess-esque like packaging, and the Tear Drop Powder is no exception. Although small, the jar always sits on the front of my vanity and stands out amongst almost everything else. The jar has a screw off top (pink of course!) with Etude House logo in silver outlining the front of the cap. The jar itself is plastic, but doesn't give off a cheap vibe. I thought at first, it was glass and was worried to even touch it! One the lid comes off, there is a small stopper preventing the powder from flying everywhere. I use a small brush to stick inside to grab enough to apply to the inner corner of the 애교살 "Aegyo sal" or the "charming fat" and blend out. Aegyo sal is the puffiness under the eye that (not eye bags!) in Korea is considered cute looking and youthful. I agree it does look great, but I usually use it on the inner corner to open my eyes, or as a high light under the brow bone. I've also used it in a Halloween look all over the face and body... The uses are endless!


Look at the shimmer! It's so pretty!

Without primer

With primer

Me rubbing the crap out of my hand.

I really do love this powder as it's very similar to the diamond powder by Make up Forever (I was addicted to this stuff!), but literally a fifth of the cost. So, if you're looking for something similar to help the wallet, this is the baby for you~ I've used it so many times, but it always lasts all day and night until I take it off, which is excellent. It's hard to get attached to a product and then find out it doesn't last even half a day. I bought a glittery liner that doesn't show up too well, but works perfectly to set this powder on, and even enhances the glitter in the liner as well.

-Beautiful shimmer
-Easy to apply
-Pretty container
-Long lasting
-Several colors in the line to please all types!

-Can be expensive outside of Korea

Rating: 9/10
I should have stocked up when I could have! I bought this on a whim as it looked pretty and didn't try it out until I got back to the states. It just sat there...on my hotel shelf...for WEEKS. Sometimes man, sometimes....
I would highly suggest this powder to anyone who is looking for that perfect amount of shimmer and glitter to add to their look, as this is so beautiful on. There's several colors so you can adjust accordingly to each day and night look, or whichever you prefer. If you're shopping in Korea and pass by a store? Stop in and grab one! They usually have 20-40% off sale and this one was always under the sale prices. It was normally 5,500, but I got mine for 3,850! Hey, it's the little things in life :)