Sunday, January 18, 2015

Review: Colourpop Super Shock Shadows

Product Info:
Colourpop Super Shock Shadows

Where to get it:

They have over 50 shades with tons of finishes ranging from matte, shimmers to metallic and ultra metallic. I currently own 17 shades and one of their Lippie sticks. Although they do have a matte collection, I haven't heard much about it and honestly? I'm more interested in shiny, sparkly things! They're all over YouTube, blogs and vlogs all over the internet and they keep getting bigger and bigger every time I order. I've done two orders and both take quite a bit of time to process before they ship. It takes anywhere from 8 to fourteen days for it to finish "Processing" and then ships. USPS states that they put 2-day shipping but both times it's taken 6-8 days to get to me in Portland, Oregon from Santa Monica, California.

I first heard of these through KathleenLight's Youtube and then started the hunt for my own collection. I have to admit, Kathleen is a Youtuber who is just so kind hearted and wonderful! I hate to say it, but when she says a product is good and solid...I buy it >_> So when I first saw her video on the review and swatching of ColourPop I knew I needed them! You can check it out for yourself here

Now lets go to my swatches! Some of these swatches were blurry on purpose to show the different shades of glitter or to show you how MUCH glitter is in them. Also, they were kind of a pain to photograph in general! Shadows with glitter are always a bit more difficult to capture :/

Fair warning...this is going to be VERY heavy on photos! 
Tassel: "Bright true white with multi-dimensional highly reflective glitter. Use this shade to highlight anything, we mean anything."
Finish: Metallic

I <3 This: "Cool-toned silvery taupe with multi-coloured glitter, this shadow will be your new BFF, day or night. Our fearless leader loves this shade SO MUCH that we naturally had to name it “I Heart This!”
Finish: Metallic

This color is absolutely beautiful but unlike the rest of the colors this one needs a bit of help
like Fix+ or Elf Lock & Seal.

Amaze: "Metallic rose gold with multi-colored multi-dimensional glitter. Whether you fancy yourself a girl next door or a sultry vixen, this shade will satisfy your craving for unique shimmer that flatters in any light."
Finish: Metallic

Sequin: "A copper penny like shade with silver and gold glitter. Find a boy, pick him up, all day long you’ll get good….."
Finish: Metallic

Game Face: "Prepare to get rowdy with an intense penny copper with a liquid like ultra-metallic finish."
Finish: Ultra Metallic

This color needs to be layered as it can take a bit patchy

Bubbly: "A truly angelic pink with tons of silver and bright bubble gum pink glitter = A princess pink that is totally rave worthy."
Finish: Metallic

Tea Party: "A versatile soft peachy pink with gazillion silver glitters and subtle hints of pale pink glitter. Highlight anything and everything with it! This shade is made for you if: you love pink champagne, sparkles, and tea parties (duh)."
Finish: Metallic

This color is described as a "peachy pink," but to me this seems more like a light orange.
This one needs a LOT of help to get the full effect. It's still beautiful...just needs a bit of help!

So Quiche: "A soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish…there are no words in the dictionary to describe this. Not even  Aka: this shade is hotter than hot – the F**king Queen of shadows."
Finish: Metallic

This shot does this color no justice! There's more pink in this than in this photo.

Krinkle: "A smoky blue loaded with silver and gold glitter in a metallic finish. When you put it on, it’s a lot like that feeling you get on Christmas morning."
Finish: Metallic

Bae: "Ay Bay Bay, this rich eggplant purple with an emerald, and turquoise, glittery duo chrome metallic finish is legit better than anything else."
Finish: Metallic

I thought this color was going to be a bit more Green/Blue, instead it's quite a bit more eggplant with green and blue glitters.

Eye Candy: "Cool toned ethereal lavender drizzled with tons of silver and pink glitter. A seriously sweet treat for your lids that will definitely give you a sugar rush, but without the crash."
Finish: Metallic 

Cricket: "A smoky mid-tone plum with warm and cool highlights of soft glitter. There won’t be any awkward silences when you wear this…"
Finish: Metallic

Fantasy: "Electric neon red violet topped with multi-dimensional glitter. Practically illegal, this is our ColourPop purple fantasy come true."
Finish: Pressed Pigment

Out of focus on purpose. LOOK AT DAT BLUE GLITTER

This color stains like a mofo btw.

Dare: "Shockingly bright neon purple with hot pink and violet glitter. This shiz should be on lockdown ‘cuz it practically guarantees a wild night you totally do not remember."
Finish: Metalic
So. This photo was incredibly hard to photograph hence the weird angle.

Friskie: "Rich black doused with high levels of silver glitter and hints of pink glitter. Smoky, mysterious, sultry with a handful of F*** You. Shy need not apply."
Finish: Metalic 

Liberty: "Intense ultra-metallic true silver. This killer shadow will make even a walk of shame look classy. It’s the most legit silver we have ever seen – Makeup junkie tested and approved."
Finish: Ultra-Metallic

Meow: "A light gunmetal doused with tons of pink, violet and silver glitter, leaving a super sparkly metallic finish. We are not joking. Like SUPER FREAKING Sparkly. Got us like “dayyyumm girl”. "
Finish: Tie Dye

These come in fairly sturdy packaging and are shipped VERY well. My first shipment came in a GIANT box and then came in the usual Colourpop box. Each shadow was wrapped in bubble wrap and comes in it's own box. The second order contained a lot more shadows but still shipped with just as much care. Both orders came with personalized notes which I absolutely loved. The only downside is that it took so long for the order to get to me. Some of the shadows may not show up the best and require a bit of patience but whew! Once they're on, they last all day and night, they don't crease with or without primer, and there's just SO much shadow in them! I've been using I <3 This for almost two weeks straight now and I've barely touched the surface. I highly recommend picking some up as they're well worth the wait!

Rating: 10/10